Antonio Brown Accused Of Raping And Sexually Abusing Ex-Trainer! Added: September 10, 2019
Pure Igonrance: Black Radio Host ‘Jesse Lee Peterson’ Says Black People Aren’t Smart! “Most Black People Are Mentally Ill, They’re Mentally Retarded” Added: September 9, 2019
Lol: The Grumpy Uncle vs. The Dog! Added: September 9, 2019
Studs Outchea Takin Over: Megan Thee Stallion Throws That Azz Back On A Female Fan! Added: September 9, 2019
Terrible: 5 People Dead Due To Vaping, 450 Illnesses Nationwide! Added: September 9, 2019
Peek At You? Dude Gotta Catch Em All With This Pikachu Tattoo! Added: September 9, 2019
He Went In: Sikh Member Of British Parliament Applauded As He Blasts The Prime Minister For His Racist Remarks! Added: September 9, 2019
Deja Vu: Khabib Nurmagomedov Lept Over The Cage Again, But This Time To Hug Dana White! Added: September 9, 2019
Imagine If This Gets Stuck: This Roller Coaster Is Crazy! Added: September 9, 2019
All Bad: Kawhi Leonard’s Sister Accused Of Killing An 84-Year-Old Woman! Added: September 9, 2019
Oh My: Cardi B Out Here Shaking Her A$$! Added: September 9, 2019
Super P*ssed: Lithuanian Coach Explodes On FIBA Refs After Missed Goaltend Call Leads To A Loss! Added: September 9, 2019
Woman Gets Asked “What Would You Say Is A Perfect Man?’ & Her Boyfriend Isn’t Too Happy With The Answer! Added: September 9, 2019
Amazing: A 29-Year-Old Deaf Woman Hears For The First Time! Added: September 9, 2019
That Thud: Dude Starts A Fight With Wrong Guy & Gets Slept! Added: September 9, 2019
One Of The Funniest Scared Tactics Episodes Ever, Gary The Babysitter! Added: September 9, 2019
That Didn’t Go As Planned: Angry Biker Tries To Kick A Car & Ends Up Taking The L! Added: September 9, 2019
Kanye West Tells His Bodyguards “Watch This, It’s My City” & Walks Directly Into The Crowd! Added: September 9, 2019
Vegan Beef: Thousands Plan To Attend BBQ In Front Of Home Of Vegan Who Complained About Neighbors Grilling Fish! Added: September 9, 2019
Is This How It Is? How She Looks On The Internet vs. How She Looks For Her Boyfriend! Added: September 9, 2019
Always Been Nice With It: Cassidy Spits A Freestyle! Added: September 9, 2019
Sheesh: Driver Runs A Red Light, Crashes Into A Van & Spins Out Of Control! Added: September 9, 2019
Sheesh: Dude Got Stabbed In A Fight & Retaliates By Running Over The Other Guy’s Parents! Added: September 9, 2019
4 Crew Members Missing At Sea When A Huge Cargo Ship Overturns Near Georgia! Added: September 9, 2019
Bank Deposits $120,000 To Wrong Account Couple Spends it & Is Charged With Theft! Added: September 9, 2019
Thoughts? 7-Eleven Employee Is Caught Washing His Feet In The Stores Kitchen Sink! Added: September 9, 2019
Disturbing: Nanny Cam Catches Repairman Sniffing A Baby Girls Underwear! Added: September 6, 2019
That Simple? How To Make Popeyes Chicken Sandwich At Home! Added: September 6, 2019
You Won’t Believe What This Cop Did To Get This Man To Start Snitching! Added: September 6, 2019
He Watching Like It’s Nothing: Man Is Charged For Not Stopping His Dog From Mauling A Cat! Added: September 6, 2019
Rat Trap: Brooklyn Leaders Reveal Possible Solution To Rat Problem With Device That Drowns Them In Alcohol! Added: September 6, 2019
Damn: A$AP Rocky’s First Swedish Lawyer Gets Shot In The Head & Chest! Added: September 6, 2019
Sheesh: Jeep Splits Lamborghini In Half! Added: September 6, 2019
Respect: Tyler Perry Used His Personal Plane To Fly Aid To The Bahamas! Added: September 6, 2019
Hot Head: He’s So Out Of It He Don’t Even Know What’s Going On! Added: September 5, 2019
Kept It Too Real: Man Arrested After Rapping About Killing His Girlfriend At An Open Mic Night! Added: September 5, 2019
Man Arrested In Connection To Mac Miller’s Death After Supplying Him With Counterfeit Drugs Laced With Fentanyl! Added: September 4, 2019
Lightweight Knocks Out A Heavyweight In The Ring! Added: August 31, 2019
JOKER (Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro) (Movie Trailer) Added: August 31, 2019
Lucy’s Ancestor: Skull Of 3.8-Million-Year-Old Early Human Discovered In Ethiopia! Added: August 31, 2019
Rhino’s Strength On Full Display As It a Flips Car Carrying Staff At a Zoo In Germany! Added: August 31, 2019
Yikes: Guy Gets Attacked By A Sword Fish While Scuba Diving! Added: August 31, 2019
Police Arrest Fleeing Child Molester As Plane Prepares To Take Off! Added: August 31, 2019
Sheesh: U.S. Coast Guard Seizes 2,800 Pounds Of Cocaine Worth $38.5 Million! Added: August 31, 2019
Armed & Ready: Bikers Try To Rob A Family But The Father Was Ready For Action! Added: August 31, 2019
Stripper Tries To Pick Up A Big Girl! Added: August 31, 2019
French Montana Explains What Really Happened With His Bodyguard! Added: August 31, 2019
Yikes: Scorpion Goes To Town On This Roach! Added: August 31, 2019
Terminator: Dark Fate (Movie Trailer) Added: August 31, 2019
Added: August 31, 2019
What He Do? Angry Camel Chases Man Around A Car! Added: August 31, 2019
Lackin: Video Surfaces Of A Drive-By Shooting Linked To NYC Gang Violence! Added: August 31, 2019
To Catch A Predator Caught A Teenager They Felt So Sorry For, That They Didn’t Even Air This Episode! (Showed Up With Knife To Meet A 12 Year Old) Added: August 31, 2019
Picked The Wrong One: Dude Tried To Rob A Guy But Instead Gets Shot At! Added: August 31, 2019
Say What? Pennsylvania Law Now makes The “Gun Gesture” Illegal! Added: August 31, 2019
Added: August 26, 2019
Lol: Dave Chappelle Tries Out Two Impressions! Added: August 26, 2019
Not Having It: Hong Kong Protestors Take Down & Destroy Facial Recognition Towers! Added: August 26, 2019
Got Exposed: Female Battle Rapper Reveals A Nude Photo Of Her Opponent! Added: August 26, 2019
Avianne & Co. Jewelry Store Gets Robbed In Broad Daylight By Gunmen! Added: August 26, 2019
Rapsody Addresses Jermaine Dupri’s Comments On Female Rappers! Added: August 26, 2019
Wildin: Russian Weddings Really Be Out Of Control! Added: August 26, 2019
Thoughts? City Council Candidate Jean Cramer Says Marysville, Michigan Should Remain As White As Possible! Added: August 26, 2019
Richard Pryor Was Going To Have Paul Mooney Killed For Having Sex With His Son, According To His Former Bodyguard! Added: August 26, 2019
El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie! (Trailer) Added: August 26, 2019
Violation: Dude Shoves The Life Out Of A Chick After She Gets In His Way! Added: August 26, 2019
All Bad: Horrible Accident Occurs During An Army Drill In Russia! Added: August 26, 2019
Dope: Kanye West Catching A Vibe At His Sunday Service! Added: August 26, 2019
Hold Up: This Celebration Seems Super Lit! Added: August 26, 2019
Recognizing Alberta’s South Sudanese Community Added: August 25, 2019
this is crazy  someone fall from high raise buliding Added: August 25, 2019
WWE AFRICA Added: August 25, 2019
Death Row Records Is Now Owned By The Hasbro Toy Company! [Commentary] Added: August 25, 2019
Just Like That? Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck Plans To Retire At Age 29! Added: August 25, 2019
First Video Of Max B From Prison In 10+ Years, Says He “Will Get Out Soon” Added: August 25, 2019
That Was Close: 2 Security Guards Escape Death After A Serious Car Crash! Added: August 24, 2019
Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Trailer) Added: August 24, 2019
Michigan Council Candidate Stuns Forum With Racial Comment Stating She Wants To Keep Town A “White” Community Like God Wanted Added: August 24, 2019
Those Melons Though: Chicks With Some Big A$$ Titties Show Off Their Musical Skills! Added: August 24, 2019
Chappelle Show Type Sh*t: Security Guard Deals With A Crazy Old Guy! Added: August 24, 2019
Dwight Howard Will Return To The Lakers On A Non-Guaranteed Deal! Added: August 24, 2019
Say What? Amazon Is Working With Police On Facial Recognition Technology That Can Detect Fear Or Aggressiveness! Added: August 24, 2019
Lawsuit Nonsense: Red Bull Is Paying $10 To Canadians Who Thought It Would Actually “Give Them Wings” & Improve Performance! Added: August 24, 2019
Disgruntled Cook With High-Powered Guns Threatened Mass Shooting At Long Beach Hotel! Added: August 23, 2019
Mexican-American Films Trump Rally In Costa Mesa, It Goes As Expected! “F*ck Mexico” Added: August 23, 2019
Just Sad: Native Pataxó Woman Witnessing The Destruction Of Her Home In The Amazon! Added: August 23, 2019
Oh Nah: Daughter Records Her Mother’s Love For Raw Beef! Added: August 23, 2019
Damn: Man Praying While On A Plane Gets Up & Punches A Flight Attendant! Added: August 23, 2019
Pleaded The Fade: Dude Rocks His Public Defender’s Jaw In Court! Added: August 22, 2019
The Amazon Rainforest, Responsible For 20% Of World’s Oxygen Is On Fire! Added: August 22, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11: Kombat Pack Roster Reveal (Trailer) Added: August 22, 2019
They Really Preparing For This: Nevada County Issues An Emergency Declaration In Advance Of “Storm Area 51” Event! Added: August 22, 2019
Cardi B Goes Off On The NYPD! “Suck A Fart And Suffocate On It” Added: August 22, 2019
Lucky: Slingshot Bungee Cable Snaps Before Launch! Added: August 22, 2019
Sheesh: Woman Takes Down Man Who Reportedly Gave Her Counterfeit Money! Added: August 22, 2019
Terrible: Record-Breaking Number Of Fires Burn In Brazil’s Amazon! Added: August 22, 2019
Horrible: Tee Grizzley’s Manager/Aunt Killed After His SUV Was Shot At! Added: August 22, 2019
Whoa: Over 100 Polish People Get Into A Massive Brawl! Added: August 21, 2019
Anything For Clout: The Men Who Are Charged With Kidnapping 6ix9ine Claims He Faked His Own Kidnapping to Promote His Music! Added: August 21, 2019
Damn: Viral Guy “Bagel Boss’ Gets Smacked After Getting Into An Altercation At A Casino! Added: August 21, 2019

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Planetstar Twerk Comp Of The Week Pt. 5! (3 Min)
Sweet Jesus: Brazilian Mom And Daughter Got Amazing Bodies!
Guy Disrespected The Wrong One At The Pool Table & Pays The Price!
New Jersey Stripper 'Thicky Minaj' Twerks Outside, Guys Make It Rain On Her!
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What He Smoking On? Dude Out Here Higher Than A Kite At Work!
What Could Go Wrong? Pickup Truck Get Pushed To The Limit During A Dyno Test!
Woah: Woman Eats A Massive 15 Pound Lobster!
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Planetstar Twerk Comp Of The Week Pt. 5! (3 Min)
Sweet Jesus: Brazilian Mom And Daughter Got Amazing Bodies!
Guy Disrespected The Wrong One At The Pool Table & Pays The Price!
New Jersey Stripper 'Thicky Minaj' Twerks Outside, Guys Make It Rain On Her!
Big Booty Latinas Wild On OF! [Sponsored]
Justin Bieber - Holy (Performance Version) ft. Chance The Rapper
What He Smoking On? Dude Out Here Higher Than A Kite At Work!
What Could Go Wrong? Pickup Truck Get Pushed To The Limit During A Dyno Test!
Woah: Woman Eats A Massive 15 Pound Lobster!
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