You Know She Hurt: Stripper Falls 15 Feet Off The Pole & Then Plays It Off! Added: February 9, 2020
What Could Go Wrong? Dude Flexes With A Revolver On IG Live And Things Take A Left Turn! Added: February 9, 2020
Disturbing: Brooklyn Teen Gunned Down On Facebook Live While Rapping About Murder! Added: February 9, 2020
Snoop Dogg Speaks On Calling Out Gayle King! “I Don’t Want No Harm To Come To Her” Added: February 9, 2020
Stressed: He Really Don’t Want His Girl To Go Through His Phone! Added: February 9, 2020
Heated: Georgia Police Leave Man With A Broken Leg After Baton Beatdown! Added: February 9, 2020
First American Dead Due To The Corona Virus! Added: February 9, 2020
He Really In The Streets? Drake Out Here Shooting His Next Video In The Heart Of Marcy Projects In Brooklyn! Added: February 9, 2020
2 Rats Fight Over A Slice Off Pizza At A NYC Train Station! Added: February 8, 2020
Gone In 60 Seconds: Crackhead Demonstrates His Stealing Skills! “I Don’t Steal From Ya’ll Tho” Added: February 8, 2020
Creative: Guy Makes A Homeless Shelter Out Of Two Trash Bins! Added: February 8, 2020
What Type Of Innuendo Is This? The Sequence In Which She Called Out These Letters Is Baffling! Added: February 8, 2020
Chick Pulled Up Her Opps House & Beat Her Up In Her Bed & Outside The House! Added: February 8, 2020
Damn: Chick Does This Guy Dirty! Added: February 8, 2020
Some GTA Ish: Car Chase In LA Led To A Suspect Escaping Into A Casino And Fleeing In A Taxi! Added: February 8, 2020
He Wasn’t Ready: Dude Gets Left Wobbly After Getting Hit By Mean 3 Piece! Added: February 8, 2020
Dude Who Pocketed Money At QC’s Stripper Bowl Party Responds To Cardi B! “I Really Needed That Money” Added: February 8, 2020
Ya’ll Don’t Kiss The Homies? People Are Talking After Footage Of Rapper, Lil Keed, Giving Young Thug A “Gangsta Smooch” On The Cheek.. Showing Love! Added: February 7, 2020
The More You Know: Killa Cam Gives Some Hygine Advice To All The BBW’s Outchea! “Dove Can’t Be The Primary Soap For Under Ya Tiddays” Added: February 7, 2020
Road Rage: A Motorcyclist Has A Run-In With An Angry Lyft Driver! “I Will Murder You” Added: February 7, 2020
Bring It On: Cheerleader Battle At A Basketball Game Turns Violent! Added: February 7, 2020
Well Damn: Dude Gets His A** Beat For Messing With The Wrong Co-Worker! Added: February 6, 2020
What Was He Thinking: Dude Sagging His Pants With No Drawers On Falls While Climbing Up A Tree! Added: February 6, 2020
TF Is Going On? These Private Stripper Parties Are Gettin’ Out Of Hand! Added: February 6, 2020
Risking It: Leopard Snatches Meat From The Jaws Of A Sleeping Crocodile! Added: February 6, 2020
Creative: Artist Uses The Word “Brothers” To Create This Amazing Art Piece! Added: February 6, 2020
Caked Up: Ashanti Performing In London! Added: February 6, 2020
Michael Blackson Goes In On Gayle King After Kobe Comments! “I Just Want To D*** Slap You, You B****” Added: February 6, 2020
Sheesh: Pawg With A Booty Starts Twerking In A Car! Added: February 2, 2020
Lil Wayne Is In His Own World.. Really Focused On Himself: Didn’t Know Who 21 Savage, QC Or Kendrick Lamar’s Label “TDE” Were! Added: February 2, 2020
SMH: Bank Robber Uses “Black Face” In An Effort To Conceal His Identity! Added: February 2, 2020
Black History Month: The Meaning Behind Juneteenth! Added: February 2, 2020
Bold For This: She Thought She Was At The Strip Club In Public & They Made It Rain On Her! Added: February 2, 2020
Which Team Should Sign Him? Meek Mill Tries To Show Off His Football Skills! Added: February 2, 2020
Wait For It: Home Security Camera Caught This Couple At The Worst Moment! Added: February 2, 2020
Horrible: Dude Passes Out After Getting Contaminated By The Corona Virus! Added: February 2, 2020
Incredible: 4-Month-Old Baby Learns How To Float & Swim On Her Own! Added: February 2, 2020
This Baboon Trying To Be In The Next Lion King: Raising & Grooming A Lion Cub As Its Own! Added: February 2, 2020
Fat Joe Brings Out 50 Cent During Miami Event For Superbowl Weekend.. Officially Squashing Terror Squad Beef! Added: February 2, 2020
Holy: This Asian Chick Body Is Crazy! Added: February 2, 2020
She Asked For It: Girl Catches A Fade For Using The N-Word During An Altercation! Added: February 2, 2020
Powered By Alexa: Dude Made It Very Clear He Want All The Smoke! Added: February 2, 2020
She Ain’t Loyal: Dude Catches His Girl Being A Thot During A Trip! Added: February 2, 2020
The Disrespect: Battle Rapper Gets Socked Literally During Rap Battle & It Ain’t Over! Added: February 2, 2020
Will Smith Recalls Emotional Fresh Prince Scene With Uncle Phil! “He Said, Now That’s F****ng Acting” Added: February 2, 2020
Taking No Chances: Passengers Landing In Indonesia From China Get Sprayed With Disinfectant To Prevent Coronavirus From Spreading! Added: February 2, 2020
Classic Clip: Dude Gets His Jaw Rocked For Disrespecting His Mother In Public! Added: February 2, 2020
115 Foot Tribute: California Couple Used A Lawn Mower & GPS To Create This Giant Grass Mural Of Kobe Bryant! Added: February 2, 2020
Oh Nah: Fish Market Employee Steps All Over The Fish & Says It’s Okay Because He’s Gonna Wash Them Off! Added: February 2, 2020
“I Was In The Hotel With Brandy” Mase Calls Diddy’s Former Body Guard, Gene, & Asks Why No One Shot Back At Biggie’s Killer! “Ya’ll Had Guns Too” Added: February 2, 2020
Dude Tries To Trick His Girlfriend In A Game Of Shuffle Cups With A Twist! Added: February 2, 2020
Latina Mom Catches Her Daughters Twerking For The Gram! Added: February 2, 2020
Comedian Tommy On Will Smith Steppin’ To Him.. Ready To Fight.. For Kissing Jada Pinkett Smith During Movie Scene! “He’s From Philly” Added: February 2, 2020
Amazing Spirit: Surviving A Shotgun Blast To The Face On His Way Home From Work! Added: February 2, 2020
Female Fxxkery Goes Down Even In The Animal Kingdom: Lions Missed A Whole Meal Because Lioness Was Not Happy With Her Man’s Side Piece! Added: January 26, 2020
Hold Up: WWE Legend “Edge” Makes His Return At The Royal Rumble! Added: January 26, 2020
Alicia Keys & Boyz II Men Pay Tribute To Kobe Bryant & His Daughter At The 2020 Grammys! Added: January 26, 2020
She’s Nice: Chick Shows Off Her Kick Boxing Skills! Added: January 26, 2020
Classic: Macho Man Challenges Hulk Hogan To A Real Fight After Disrespecting Him! “I Took $10,000 & Put It In The Hulk Hogan Coward Fund” Added: January 26, 2020
Truly Sad: Kobe Bryant’s 13-Year-Old Daughter “Gianna” Was Also On Board During Fatal Crash! Added: January 26, 2020
WTF: 2017 Cartoon Predicted Kobe Byrant’s Helicopter Crash & Twitter User! Added: January 26, 2020
SMH: BBC Show Highlights Of LeBron Instead Of Kobe In Report On The Death Of Kobe Bryant! Added: January 26, 2020
Throwback Of The Week: When You Watch Too Much Anime & Get Into A Fight! Added: January 26, 2020
He’s Wilding: Trucker Drives Down A Highway With A Car Pressed Sideways Against The Front Of His Truck! Added: January 26, 2020
R.I.P To A Great One: Kobe Bryant Dies In Tragic Helicopter Crash! Added: January 26, 2020
Damn: Guy Falls Down A Missing Space On A Escalator! Added: January 26, 2020
LeBron James In Tears Following The News Of Kobe Bryant’s Death! Added: January 26, 2020
Oh Nah: Chinese Woman Eats A Bat Despite Scientists Linking Them To The Coronavirus! Added: January 25, 2020
Chinese Nurse Claims Around 90,000 People Have Been Infected By The Coronavirus! Added: January 25, 2020
Hoodwinked: Y’all Really Out Here Turning Reggie Into Purple! Added: January 25, 2020
Say What? Orlando Brown Allegedly Claims Diddy, Young Thug, Trey Songs And Birdman Are Down Low! Added: January 25, 2020
Coronavirus Outbreak: Video Shows Bodies In Halls Of Chinese Hospital! Added: January 25, 2020
T.Cross – Low It [Unsigned Artist] Added: January 25, 2020
50 Cent Exposes Trey Songz & Chris Brown For Having Buses Full Of Girls In They Hotel Room! Added: January 25, 2020
Well Thats A Lawsuit: Rooftop Rocks Land On 2 Guys While Their Eating! Added: January 25, 2020
Uber Killer: GM Unveils Self Driving Car With No Steering Wheel Or Gas Pedals! Added: January 25, 2020
Just Horrible: Man Grabs Purse And Savagely Beats A Woman Inside A CVS Store! Added: January 25, 2020
Conor McGregor Responds To Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram Call-Out! “He Goes Through Money Fast, So The Rematch Will Happen” Added: January 19, 2020
She’s Fire: Thick Chick Stretches Out Before Heading Out To Work! Added: January 19, 2020
That Time Mike Tyson Destroyed This Reporter “You A Piece Of S**t” Added: January 19, 2020
Y’all Still Smashing Or Nah? Pornstar Pinky Looks Like She’s Been Eating Well Lately! Added: January 19, 2020
Somebody’s Salty: Selena Gomez Gets Upset About Her Album Being Neck & Neck With Roddy Ricch’s! Added: January 19, 2020
Skinnyfromthe9 Gets Beat Up & His Chain Took “Take The Chain Off” Added: January 19, 2020
Wild: These Russian Chicks Been Under The Knife A Few Too Many Times! Added: January 19, 2020
Cake Everywhere: Megan Thee Stallion Twerks In A Thong With Her Friends! Added: January 19, 2020
What Kind Of Sexual Activity Is This? DaBaby Is Really Actin A Fool In This Corner Store! Added: January 19, 2020
Man Continues Fight Against A Amateur Boxer After Getting His Nose Broken! Added: January 19, 2020
Oklahoma Teacher Arrested After Being Accused Of Having Threesome With Student & Another Woman! Added: January 19, 2020
Why He Do Him Like That? Dude Slaps His Friend With A Mop While He Was Sleeping! Added: January 19, 2020
Head Game On A 100: Thick Chick Deep Throats And Swallows A Long Balloon! Added: January 19, 2020
Cap Or No Cap: T.I’s Son King Gives A Run Down On What Really Happened During His Bout In The Bathroom! Added: January 19, 2020
Woah: Warrant Issued For OBJ’s Arrest After Video Of Him Slapping A Cop’s Butt Surfaces! Added: January 19, 2020
Need More Like Him: Cop Handles This Situation Like A Real One! Added: January 19, 2020
“He Got A Problem With Authority.. Being Second” Mase On Why Cam’Ron Hates Him! Added: January 19, 2020
Went Off On Him: Man Attacks A Barber After Receiving A Bad Haircut! Added: January 19, 2020
Dope: Biker & Motorist Share A Moment After Near T-Bone Collision! Added: January 19, 2020
She’s Thick: Chick With A Nice Body Lifting Weights At The GYM! Added: January 19, 2020
She’s Thick: Flexible Chick Does A Yoga Workout! Added: January 19, 2020
She’s Thick: Big Booty MMA Chick Trains With Her Sparring Partner! Added: January 19, 2020
Dude Pulls A Power Move While Squaring Up With A Big Guy! Added: January 19, 2020

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Planetstar Twerk Comp Of The Week Pt. 5! (3 Min)
Sweet Jesus: Brazilian Mom And Daughter Got Amazing Bodies!
Guy Disrespected The Wrong One At The Pool Table & Pays The Price!
New Jersey Stripper 'Thicky Minaj' Twerks Outside, Guys Make It Rain On Her!
Big Booty Latinas Wild On OF! [Sponsored]
Justin Bieber - Holy (Performance Version) ft. Chance The Rapper
What He Smoking On? Dude Out Here Higher Than A Kite At Work!
What Could Go Wrong? Pickup Truck Get Pushed To The Limit During A Dyno Test!
Woah: Woman Eats A Massive 15 Pound Lobster!
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Planetstar Twerk Comp Of The Week Pt. 5! (3 Min)
Sweet Jesus: Brazilian Mom And Daughter Got Amazing Bodies!
Guy Disrespected The Wrong One At The Pool Table & Pays The Price!
New Jersey Stripper 'Thicky Minaj' Twerks Outside, Guys Make It Rain On Her!
Big Booty Latinas Wild On OF! [Sponsored]
Justin Bieber - Holy (Performance Version) ft. Chance The Rapper
What He Smoking On? Dude Out Here Higher Than A Kite At Work!
What Could Go Wrong? Pickup Truck Get Pushed To The Limit During A Dyno Test!
Woah: Woman Eats A Massive 15 Pound Lobster!
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