[:en]Bruh Thought He Was Tupac: 16-Year-Old Kid Gets Beat By Police Officers After He Spit In A Officers Face While Resisting Arrest![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Meanwhile In New Orleans: Doorbell Camera Captures Shootout In Broad Daylight![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Fearless: Man Feeds A Bear With His Bare Hands![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Anti-Vax/Lockdown Protesters Temporarily Shut Down COVID-19 Vaccinations At Dodger Stadium![:] Added: January 31, 2021
Traptize Ky – No Hook [Official Music Video] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Woman Drops 58-Seconds Of Truth Bombs About The Requirements Of Elected Leaders In America![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]They Ain’t Loyal: Dude Exposes Guy’s Girlfriends As Cheaters By Sliding In Their DMs![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]She Wasn’t Ready For This: Tiffany Haddish & Common Showing Out For The Silhouette Challenge![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Guy Allegedly Fired From Dunkin’ Donuts For This Act Of Kindness![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Lit: They Put On A Whole WWE Show At The Mall![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Tragic: Rapper Uzzy Marcus’s Brother Fatally Shot 2 Women After Assuming They Were Trying To Set Him Up.. Then Goes On Live Speaking On The Aftermath![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Spot On!? How New Orleans Dudes Compliment Each Other![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Crazy: Ukrainian Cargo Ship Breaks In Half & Sinks Causing 3 Deaths & 6 Rescued![:] Added: January 31, 2021
Hong Kong man, 36, gets ‘engaged’ to sex doll who sleeps by his bed every night Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Not Having It: Man Goes Off On Kamala Harris & Says He Refuses To Take The Vaccine![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Neighborhood Backup: Dude Comes To The Rescue For His Homie Getting Chased By Police![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Popular Youtuber Scoops Up The Nurse That Went Viral On Social Media At The Mall![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Former Child Actress & Now Signed To Beyonce… Chloe Bailey Is Making It Known She’s Grown With More Thirst Traps![:] Added: January 31, 2021
LaMelo Ball 27 Pts 9 Asts 5 Rebs 3 Stls Highlights vs Milwaukee Bucks | NBA 20/21 Season Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]”That Dude Is Going To Be Out The League Soon” Klay Thompson & Draymond Go In On Rodney McGruder For Postgame Antics![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]”Screw You City Girls” Angry Fan Goes Off On The CityGirls After Performing Only 2 Songs In Florida… She’s Heated For Waiting 7 Hours![:] Added: January 31, 2021
Unsigned Oakland Artist 16Geechi – Memories [Play Runners Association Submitted] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]She Top Tier Crazy: When It Gets To This Point In A Relationship… It’s Time To Go![:] Added: January 31, 2021
Next Friday (2000) – Shut Up! Scene (8/10) | Movieclips Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Khaled Different: DJ Khaled Really Flexed Asahd’s Outfit During Class![:] Added: January 31, 2021
INDUHFAMILY – 4:20 Everyday! [Unsigned Artist] Added: January 31, 2021
Woah: A Tour Of Detroit’s Craziest Looking Areas! Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]SMH: Hispanic Man Gets Harassed By 3 Racist White Guys In Escondido, CA![:] Added: January 31, 2021
[:en]Straight Wildn’: Dude Ran His Whip Into A 7-Eleven Corner Store And Walked Away Like Nothing Happened![:] Added: January 31, 2021
Added: January 30, 2021
Added: January 30, 2021
Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]Former QAnon Follower Apologizes To Anderson Cooper For Thinking He Ate Babies![:] Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]The Maury DNA Kids Are All Grown Up Now![:] Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]Guy Transports A Bee Colony By Carrying The Queen Is His Fist![:] Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]Royal Rumble Goes Down At Gold Lounge In New York…. Stools & All Types Of Club Parts Being Used As Weapons![:] Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]”Lock Me In” These Pranks Gotta Be Scripted… 2 Women Switch Up Real Fast After Seeing Expensive Whips! (Gold Diggers For Real)[:] Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]Crazy: 10 Dead After Mexican Military & Drugs Cartel Get Into A Fierce Shootout![:] Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]Oh Nah: China Rolls Out Anal Swab COVID-19 Testing, Saying It’s A More Accurate Method![:] Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]Welp: Shawty Had A Question For Biden Supporters, And Sis Had Time Today![:] Added: January 30, 2021
2 Chainz Tries a $130 Lab Grown Chicken Nugget | MOST EXPENSIVEST Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]Accurate? How Having A Cell Phone In The Early 2000’s Was Like… Setting Up Your Voicemail Looked Like A Vibe![:] Added: January 30, 2021
44 Luke – Call [@DaBigPicture Submitted] Added: January 30, 2021
Kudaboy – Hammer Dance [@DaBigPicture Submitted] Added: January 30, 2021
Pluheph x Fetty Wap x Ether Da Connect – Vans Added: January 30, 2021
Golden Retriever Practices His Mean Face || ViralHog Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]Someone’s Getting Fired: Amazon Delivery Guy Forgot To Put The Truck In Park And Took A Major L![:] Added: January 30, 2021
2ManMoB – 3:25 [Unsigned Artist] Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]He Ain’t Want Smoke: Man Gets Bullied & Kicked By A Kangaroo![:] Added: January 30, 2021
Added: January 30, 2021
[:en]SMH: Porch Pirate Comes Up With The Lamest Excuse Once He Gets Caught![:] Added: January 29, 2021
Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]T.I. Speaks Out On Sex Trafficking Allegations Against Him & His Wife Tiny! “These Are Not Stories Of Actual Events”[:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Gone: Driver Takes Off After Witnessing A Shootout Happening Behind Him! “I Got The F*** Out”[:] Added: January 29, 2021
CAM X CAYARD – DWAYNE JOHNSON Added: January 29, 2021
WESTTSEW – Pressure (Official Video) Added: January 29, 2021
Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Was It That Serious? Kali Muscle Pulls Out A Knife On Another Dude For Walking In Front Of His Camera While It Was Recording Him![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]What If This Was Your Kids? Cardi B Teaches Nursery Children About American History In A Mini Skirt![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Lol: Guy Pretends He Doesn’t Speak English After Pulling A Prank & Being Questioned About It![:] Added: January 29, 2021
Added: January 29, 2021
Nathaniel The Great – Cash Out Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Stuntin’ On Live Goes Wrong: 2 Grown FL Women Arrested After Impersonating A Police Officer… Had A Family Shook In Phony Traffic Stop![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Pop Smoke’s Cousin Is Making Noise By Sounding Just Like His Man… Bar For Bar, Word For Word![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]“My Father In That Ambulance” Woman Confronts A Motorist For Blocking Traffic In Queens, New York![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]WNBA 6′ 4″ Center, Cheyenne Parker, Shows Off Her Figure For Calendar Shoot! [12 Secs][:] Added: January 29, 2021
Lil Durk – Kanye Krazy (Directed by Cole Bennett) Added: January 29, 2021
DAISY SIMO – WAVY (Official Video) Added: January 29, 2021
Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Someone Figured Out How To Remove The Red Filter From The Silhouette Challenge![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]17yr Old Crip Rapper From Indianapolis.. Slaughters Entire Family.. Including Preggo Teen Because His Dad Said No, He Couldn’t Go Out To Party![:] Added: January 29, 2021
Jared ABN – Out The Way Added: January 29, 2021
What could reparations look like today? Keep It 100: Black in America Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Shannon Sharpe Speaks Out After NFL Player Chad Wheeler Tried To End His Girl Because She Wouldn’t Bow To Him![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]“You Played Yourself Mia” Cancer Berating Girls Father Speaks After Being Fired Over His Daughters Rant On Cancer Patients![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Worker Airs Out Frustration After Losing His Job Over Joe Biden’s Cancellation Of Canada’s Keystone Pipeline Contract![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]All Bad: Driver Chases A Man Pretending To Be A Cop And Makes Him Wreck Out In Someone’s Backyard![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Couple Stay Smashing Big Booty Ig Models On Their Onlyfans! [Sponsored][:] Added: January 29, 2021
2 Chainz – Grey Area Added: January 29, 2021
Jack Harlow (feat. EST Gee) – Route 66 Added: January 29, 2021
Outta Line & Goin Up (Official Video) Added: January 29, 2021
Aaron Secures the Release of 354 Prisoners – For Life Added: January 29, 2021
Wendy Williams Tells All In New Lifetime Movie and Documentary ‘What A Mess’ | SWAY’S UNIVERSE Added: January 29, 2021
CONGA feat. Meek Mill, Leslie Grace, produced by Boi-1da Added: January 29, 2021
Will Packer & Felischa Marye Talk Relationships And Searching For Something ‘Bigger’ Added: January 29, 2021
Summer Walker – Body [Official Music Video] Added: January 29, 2021
Ashanti Shares The REAL Story On Keyshia Cole, Tamia, Verzuz, Writing For JLO, COVID-19 + New Music! Added: January 29, 2021
Keilar: GOP’s reasons against impeachment don’t hold up Added: January 29, 2021
Uncle Murda – Change Gone Come (Official Video) ft. Mysonne, Tamika Mallory Added: January 29, 2021
New York Meets Detroit Visionary Pooh Ft. Rich Lee – Pop Out, Swervin [Unsigned Artist] Added: January 29, 2021
HoneyKomb Brazy Feat. J Prince – Dead People Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]How? Jeopardy Just Showed Dave Chappelle… None Of The Contestants Knew He Was A Famous Comedian![:] Added: January 29, 2021
Kickboxer Makes A Quick Comeback After Almost Getting Knocked Out! Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]He Was In Tune: Chick Caught Her Dad Listening To Lil Durk![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]He Didn’t See That Coming: Guy Refuses To Pay Up After Losing At A Game Of Pool & Gets His Jaw Rocked! “Im Trying To Help You Out”[:] Added: January 29, 2021
Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Lol: When The Dude That Owes You Money Finally Pays You Back![:] Added: January 29, 2021
Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Outraged Investors Gather At NYSE To Slam Robinhood & Yell At Traders![:] Added: January 29, 2021
Fatboy SSE x Ceo Son Son – We Smoke Added: January 29, 2021
You Got Blood On Your Hands – Steady Grip [Unsigned Artist] Added: January 29, 2021
Ashley Miconi – Use Me [Miconi Music Submitted] Added: January 29, 2021
Nick Coleman – All of My (feat. The Adoni) Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Energy Different Now: She Went From All That Talk To Reality![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Wow: Body Modification Fanatic Removed His Upper Lip, Ears & Nose To Look Like An Alien![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Sweet Jesus: This Chick’s Tattas Are Enormous![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Oh Nah: Dude Feeding His Pigeons In A Weird Way![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Wild: It Was So Cold In Asia That They Found Wild Animals Frozen Looking Like Statues![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Stud Makes Dog Stand In The Corner For Chewing her Strap![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Straight Wildin’: Crazy Woman Pulls A Gun Out On An Amazon Delivery Driver![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Dude Gets Fired After Telling His Boss His Employees Picked Up Wings Off The Floor & Served Them To Customers![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Chris Cuomo Confronts Robinhood CEO For Stopping Trades Of Gamestop & Other Stocks To Allegedly Help Their Top Hedgefund Investor![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]Burn It All: Mother Finds A Huge Spider Nest In Her Daughters Room![:] Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]C’mon Bruh: Simp Pays His “Goddess” & Asks Her To Step On Him![:] Added: January 29, 2021
Duce Mino – No Social Media (Official Music Video) Added: January 29, 2021
Added: January 29, 2021
[:en]How Many Types Of Fire Were Rolled Up Here? [Sponsored][:] Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]Manager Realized He Gotta Let Another One Go: Shawty Gave No F**ks About Customer Service At The McDonalds Drive-Thru![:] Added: January 28, 2021
Protective Cat Keeps Kid From Getting Too Close To The Balcony Railings! Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]Louisville, Kentucky Fella Follows Opps On Live To Fight 1-On-1… Gets Setup And Turns To A Shooting! (Opps Left His Homie In The Street)[:] Added: January 28, 2021
Sauce Walka – Without You Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]You Can Make 60% THC With Ice & Some Buckets?!? [Sponsored][:] Added: January 28, 2021
Trapboy Freddy – Hypocrite Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]Rihanna vs Chloe Bailey: Thirst Trappin’… Both Release Special Performances![:] Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]SMH: Sexual Assault Suspect Walks Up & Punches Man During Court Proceedings![:] Added: January 28, 2021
Sniper Stops Armed Father Who Took Baby Hostage Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Dude Took The Boot Off His Homie’s Car & A Stranger They Didn’t Even Know![:] Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]Sheesh: Dude Catches A Filthy Beatdown After Pulling A Gun![:] Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]Broke Their Ankles: Dude Takes Off Running & Jumps Into Another Car During A Traffic Stop![:] Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]Did Him Wrong: Lil Man Gets Knocked Out With A Mean Uppercut & Then Thrown Out The Club Like Trash![:] Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]Rochester, NY Family Has Their Door Kicked In By Police After Muslim Mother Refused To Have Her Children Vaccinated… Charged With Education Neglect![:] Added: January 28, 2021
Big Moochie Grape – Anthony Davis Added: January 28, 2021
[:en]His Hands Work: Old Head Knocks Out Man With A Nice Left Hook! (Rewind Clip)[:] Added: January 28, 2021

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