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Clarks Originals x Slick Rick – “Mind, Body, Sole”

Slick Rick, one the most recognized storytellers, rappers and fashion influencers to date, embarks on a new journey with Clarks Originals, kicking off with a mini-documentary (curated and conceptualized by The Ruler himself) titled “Mind- Body-Sole” that focuses on Slick Rick’s long standing relationship with the footwear brand. The vi- gnette style visual, directed by Katherine Mateo of PURRRR and shot by Jordan Riggs follows Slick Rick around landmark locations synonymous with his upbringing in the Bronx, New York – ultimately making his way to the garment district in Manhattan, an area that greatly influenced Slick Rick’s love for fashion, art and design. “Mind-Body-Sole” is a story of heritage, community and purpose above all.

Along the journey, Slick Rick speaks in-depth about his relationship with Clarks Originals, specifically the Wallabee , a shoe that he has been wearing and customizing since his emergence onto the scene in the early 1980’s. Urban culture equates Slick Rick’s early personalization of the Clarks Wal- labee with the success of the shoe; in this visual, Rick discusses the root of his affinity with Clarks in hopes that his personal style and unique approach continue to inspire others to chase their dreams and follow in his footsteps.

The “Mind-Body-Sole” visual nears an end back in the Bronx, following Slick Rick into the borough’s military recruitment office. Filmed in the thick of the holiday season, Slick Rick took it upon himself to spread cheer to a group of government officials who he feels are often overlooked, underserved and underappreciated. Young soldiers hold a place in Slick Rick’s heart, and with the help of Clarks Orig- inals, gifted each of them his favorite styles to show his appreciation for their contributions to society.

Slick Rick will continue to work with various groups in this capacity through his newly launched “Victory Patch Foundation.”

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