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Bobby Shmurda Speaks On Being Compared To Jay-Z, Advice From Snoop Dogg & Summer 2022 Music Plans

Bobby Shmurda is back in the building and he brought his undeniable energy to the midday show with Bryhana where he discussed a few important life topics, including his music plans for the summer and how he continues to carry his carefree and open mind.

Shmurda has a lot to celebrate and be thankful for as he spent much time in prison and for that reason, Bobby has been unapologetic about celebrating his life. As the Miami native shares many of his funny moments on his social media accounts, the rapper tells Bryhana that he plans to continue to share more of his life now that he is an independent artist. Having full control and oversight of his career now, Bobby has learned that much of his success is in his hands and much of what he wishes to share with the world is up to him. As he’s been met with much criticism for his social media behavior, the “Getting Em Back” rapper explains how the conversation about his internet posts inspired the song.

Bobby takes a moment to share advice that he’s received from a few OG’s in the game who have given back to him in a major way. Legends like Snoop Dogg have given Shmurda some of the best advice he’s received since coming back in the game.

Speaking on his music plans for the rest of the year, Shmurda has his ‘Bad Boy’ EP on the way, followed by his ‘Ready To Live’ album that will close out the summer.

Bobby Shmurda goes on to talk about the “hoochie daddy” season, why he’s compared to Jay-Z, Diddy, and DMX, explains why he skips leg day, and much more.

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