Blueface “Next Big Thing” (PSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

From Magix Music Maker to FL Studio, YikeMike mastered his craft to become one of the greatest producers of the new generation.

From the region of Inland Empire comes the multitalented producer, DJ, engineer, songwriter, graphic designer, and A&R, YikeMike. At just 12 years of age his passion for music evolved into a calling in the music industry. Pushing the limits of his creativity, YikeMike developed a style of producing that incorporated chord progressions and melodies that combined to create music that was previously unheard of. This special talent possessed by his connection to music made him a top priority producer for upcoming artists wanting to make a hit record and propel their career into mainstream success.

YikeMike enjoyed giving upcoming artists the edge to achieve their dreams. His track record has been spotless and can be seen in his production value to artists like Blueface, AzChike, and Morgen C for whom he created the smash records “Next Big Thing,” “Mmhmm,” and “This Shit Bang” respectively. It takes a great musician to receive praise from Drake, but that’s exactly what happened when the OVO head honcho heard his production skills on Blueface’s “Next Big Thing.”

Varying from west coast vibes to futuristic banger, to jazzy smooth rendition, YikeMike continues to prove that there is no cadence or sensation that he is unable to capture. His level of interpretation of rhythms and sound is only seen in a rare few that have graced the music industry. YikeMike has done so much for the culture since his start in hip hop and he continues to leave a legacy through artists that have attained success on the charts because of his work.

Follow YikeMike and indulge in the mastery of his craft.

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