i just went honest answer iknow the made Jordan the best player in the world evan thought Allen Iverson did thing that Micheal Jordan is good dont get me wrong i love Jordan but i see Allen Iverson Change Alot but people that contral the field wasnt happy with the change am not talking about that too am just talking about his move and skill level comper to Jordan i see Allen is the best player in the world just be honest and give the right person the cradit he diserve that all am asking he even desteory Jodan on the way his skill level just make the right jadgement in skill level even iknow he refuse what the rich people how own the field to flow he did his own thing but he own the right to be the best player in the world because we dont have to be contral by rich who own everything and what flow. who is have the right skill or condate who have the right skill level and proformince to contral the way and who is the best player in the world would be it should based in skill level no one should contral that is our right so think and should be by vote everyone in in the world and not contral by anyone not about what the went you to see or who the went you to see that why would need to change for better i see that in music too we haveto move from that to freedom that what is freedom about we need to free the world and everyone one who to right to vote or is not about what the went you to see or the truth we are far from that now they connot contral as anymore so stand up for the right and be honest about what you see and thing make your choice and what you see and what is the right thing because that i will fight for and die for the right thing and make my choice on the best on skill level not about what they went you to see and what is the life is about we should not even lot me take that right from us us human bieng.call i tmovenment i know the contral what you can see but we do have to move from that ther is alot of thing wrong about the world we live in but is up to us to make that diffferince we are more edicated now. like know i see all the world is stuggleing but is our hand to make that differince wake up world dont lot those rich people contral how we breath and how we choice is wake up call if you read this struggle is real everywhere wake up.we dont live in 1980 or 1970 or 1990 try make a diferince, now we can mak diferince her and everywhere in world no more bullshit we need stand up and lot our voice everywhere no more contral by anyone Allen ierrson mottieveded me keep up the right thing and stand up for the right dont me wrong iwent the would to live free and freedom is all what we all asking for and am sure everyone would be happy we would not have to move anywhere to look for peace and where we cn raise our family we wouldnt need to fight for the right thing and peacefull place to raise our family am sure that is what Allen been fighting for even that he did what is best and still he didnt never get what he went in this life he fight for his right but the world we living in is not that us easy so we not to make differnet stand up for right thing without that we will struggle and next generation well go thorught the same and that is what we what and that is not the reason we came and am sure everyone better life for there kide but if we can not take that contal we will struggle and our generation amd our kidds will go thrught the same and will give more power for the rich to be mire richer and take contral am just shaw you sample thing am sure there is more happen around the world so is time stand up little ting will make differenice this is my massege to the world stand up for the right thing am sure they will try to confuse you and make you waste your time for thing that not improtand what is the actually true and what you actually improtant and am sure the try to west your time snd lot you stay poor for rest of your life so wake up world dont get me wrong am sure Allen made alot of money in his life but he did and did what he have to do but what need to make that difference for us and for our own good and change the world for better at least he did what he have to do to have better life what about the people who trying to make difference in there own life and there countries. do we have that choice

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